KP Accounting Services provides following services:

  • Bookkeeping
    book keeping revenues and expenditures (KPiR)
    book keeping full accounting records
    book keeping supporting records (fixed assets registry, warehouses evidences, registry of accruals and provisions)
    preparation of tax declarations
    preparation of real estate tax declaration
    reporting for statistical purposes
    application for no tax arrears and no ZUS arrears certificates on behalf of a clients
    application for other certificates from tax office (confirmation of registration as an active VAT taxpayer)
    preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and national accounting standards
  • Capital Groups Accounting
    preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with national accounting standards
    preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS
    preparation of reporting system for the purposes of preparation of consolidated financial statement
  • HR and payroll
    preparation of documents connected with procedure of hiring and firing
    keeping personal file evidence
    keeping work time record
    preparation of payroll lists
    preparation of social security declarations (ZUS)
    calculation of tax liabilities and other connected with employment (PDOF, ZUS i PFRON)
    direct contacts with tax office and ZUS
    preparation of certificates for employees
    calculation of civil agreements liabilities
    preparation of RP-7 declarations
    calculation of other employee  benefits
    preparation of annual declaration for employees
  • Financial reporting
    preparation of monthly settlements (balancesheet, profit and loss statements, trial balance)
    monitoring of receivables
  • Supervision of accounting procedures at the client seat
  • Accounting advisory
    day to day accounting advisory connected with bookkeeping
  • Accounting of EU projects
  • Registration, liquidations and sales of companies
    registration of a new business activities
    changes of data in the state registries
    application for fallowing numbers NIP, VAT, REGON, EORI